angel_of_life_by_consciousspace   Life is a myriad of problems, a path of thorns and definitely an inescapable wilderness albeit it has its own rewards.

The moment you think that the end line has reached and you have achieved it all, that you have conquered it; it hits you hard and drags you all over to the starting point. But then that is the beauty of it. But what if, life all of a sudden was alive and started talking to you.

Anurag stood at the balcony of his apartment in the 10th floor with a bottle of rum in his hands sloshed till his neck. He was about to jump and end his life. As he placed his legs on the boundary of his balcony, stumbling and staggering, a gust of heavy wind pushed him back and thud, he fell screaming as he thought it was all ending, but when he opened his eyes one after the other he found himself once again on his balcony.

“Hello”, a voice startled him.

As he turned around, he saw a beautiful lady standing looking at him with her addictive smile. She had these eyes that were captivating, hairs so long and silky, lips as tender as a budding new shoot. A perfectly structured body, as if the Gods had done the arithmetic quite seriously and successfully.

“Hi, who are you? And how did you enter my apartment, and let me tell you this isn’t the right time if you are some modern sexy thief, I am a bit busy ending my life.” He prattled.

“I am Life, a part of you”, she said giving that angelic smile.

“Life, ha ha ha” he laughed insanely.

“Well life, you are an asshole, it is because of you that I am taking my fucking “Life””

“Yeah, I know, that very well, and I exactly know the reason as well”

“Isn’t it because of this”, she did something with her face and her face transformed to the face of Anurag’s lost love. Anurag was taken aback and all of a sudden the effect of the booze had vanished, he had seen something unbelievable.

“How did you do that”, he said.

“As I said I am life, and she was a part of it”, she smiled as she spoke.

“But I want to forget my past, but I am unable to do that”, He sobbed.

Life patted his back. “See that’s the problem, you want to forget it, past can never be forgotten, after all it is a part of life too, the more you try, the more you will dragged to that part of your life”

“So what do I do, end my present life, well that’s what I am going to do”, He said.

“Yeah, that’s one way, but what about your future life, who knows it has something beautiful for you”, Life said.

“Oh! God I am so confused”, Anurag said in disgust.

“There are two ways, the first, make your past life as a stepping stone and rise up from the ruins that it rendered to you, the second, get involved deeply in your present and future, make friends, fall in love again, write poetry, explore me: Life and you’ll see that your past will be buried deep down, from where it shall be impossible to dig it out, you can chose either of the one or even both, always remember never ever try to forget your past rather burry it with your present and your future, it is difficult yet two against one always wins the battle” Life explained Anurag.

Anurag was enlightened by the words, sometimes life is helpful too. It made him think, he was about to commit a sin by ending his life.

“Thank You”, he said with his sweetest gesture.

Life smiled at him. “But who are you? I can understand you changed your face to my past life, but who are you, as you say that you are my life, but then I have never seen you in my life neither in my past nor in the present”, Anurag was curious.

She walked towards her slowly smiling at him, looking into his eyes. “When you go for your breakfast tomorrow, you’ll find out yourself”, she clapped her fingers in front of her face and he collapsed.




Anurag was at his regular breakfast shop, having those regular sandwiches and boiled eggs and was thinking of the weird dream he had, strangely unlike other dreams this was vivid to him. Completely unaware of the surrounding he sat there thinking of it.

“Hi, I am Anamika”, a voice as soft as the lark awakened him.

As he looked, he saw a beautiful girl sitting next to him, to him the face was familiar. As he recalled, he smiled, she was her future. It was all real then, he thought. After all life is about some magic and it isn’t always about thorns, sometimes it is about the soft petals too.11796253_931333220266500_4283706601021674837_n