Friendship is a beautiful bond that lasts till eternity if we value it. A group of friends definitely exists and the badinages are priceless but finding a true friend is definitely a quest. Friendship- Bonds beyond time is a collection of such enriching emotions that shows every aspect of the beautiful string that attaches not only two hearts but also two souls.

Overall Verdict: A must read book, one who values friendship shall get a bouquet of flowers with different colors and essence in this one. On a scale of five I rate it 5/5.

My favorite pick up Excerpts:

~ “Friends are different. It is much more than that. Friendship is building a family. A family so strong that it competes your real one and still might win”

-Scarlet’s Rose, by Aashi Dahiya.

~ “No matter who came and went, the two most beautiful persons in my life always stood beside me, my knights in shining armor- my mother and my son, the best of friends I ever had in my life”

-The Colors of Tesu, by Subham Sinha.

~ “As it is said God bonds people with the sweetness of friendship, which they forgot to bind by blood”

-Camaraderie, by Anmol Singh & Sanjana Radhakrishnan.

~ “Stupid. I wonder how I ended being friends with you”. Anwesha said hitting him with a pillow.

    “Because no one else could deal with you”….

-I’LL always be there for you, by Anisha Mohata.

~ “A strong blow of wind blew the umbrella under which both the men were standing. Both of them tightly embraced each other. The two hearts became one and sprouted the juices of friendship; the stains of enmity of many lifetimes were washed away.”

-Weeds of Hampi, by Mahesh Sowani.

~ “He shimmered with joy, as yet again the belief got reinforced that words were never their ally when it came to communicating to each other. They just read each other’s mind. Best friends do and that’s why they are Soul-mates.”

-Soul-Mates by Tapobrata Kumar.

~ “There are few unnamed relations in life, glimpse of which everyone has, everyone feels and she also made me feel the beauty of love that will be with me forever.”

-Friendship is the cure of everything, by Kalyani Yadav.

~ “Friendship doesn’t see what you are or what other is. It just happens without saying or without seeing anything. It’s because of the harmony both persons possess. It doesn’t look into your past, doesn’t force you to change yourself. It’s the best gift one could ever have. Cherish it, live it, love it, do whatever you can but never abandon it.”

-Sherlock  & Watson, by Rishabh Patel.

~ “They found-a shoulder to stick and snivel, a heart to adore and a helping hand to stretch out for when things went berserk.”

-Friends for life, by Debasish Mishra.

Individual Stories review and Ratings:

  • Scarlet’s Rose, by Aashi Dahiya.

This story brings you the real meaning of friendship. It is an eye-opener to modern day friendship, where we fight, quarrel and are jealous over petty things. Have you ever wondered that our old aged grandfathers or grandmothers also had or have friends, who are so dear to them that their demise can bring a sea change to their lives? Aloof they remain yet their bonds remain forever. I loved the portion when the author described about a certain place and a thing attached so vividly to the memories, even I missed the places where I had memories with my friends. I give this story a 5/5.


  • A Tale of two mice Incredible Friendship, by Saravana Kumar Murugan.

In today’s materialistic world we have forgotten certain things. So cynic and diabolical we have become that we care less about people and bonds. This incredible piece of imagination by Saravana Kumar Murugan will make your heart pound. I rate this story a 5/5 because of the imagination behind it.

  • Saviour, by Apurva Joshi.

Sometimes people just show up, as guardian angels and save you from the direst of situation by their simple gestures and advices and you never know when your bus breaks down and you find your guardian angel. This beautiful story deserves a 5/5.

  • The Colors of Tesu, by Subham Sinha.

A masterpiece, admirable and adorable job by the author. No doubt he is going to be a successful author soon. I felt not reading but watching a movie when I read through this breathtaking story of family ties and how family can be your best friends at situations when you find yourself alone and cornered and they instill the colors into your pale life. This is worth more than a five; I rate this favorite story of mine a 5/5.

  • The Friendly Stranger, by Dr. Disha Bhatt.

This story of realizing the real face of your considered true friend is a beautiful journey. Sometimes strangers can be great healers, and in turn gets attached to us and it feels as if we were destined to meet. As per my feeling the author could have done better with the theme. I rate this story 4.5/5.

  • Sparko, by Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra.

Dogs are the most loyal friends of people and so it happens in this beautiful story. A dog changes the life of an unemployed youth and also wins a girls heart. This simple story is worth reading. I rate it 4.5/5.

  • Camaraderie, by Anmol Singh& Sanjana Radhakrishnan.

Another heart wrenching story. This story will make you cry and pump you up with patriotism. If such an incident happens in my life, which I never want it to happen; I get chills in my spine and goose bumps. The suspense is handled incredibly well by the author. I rate this 5/5.

  • The Newfound second self, by Varina Rasquinha.

This story is a sweet yet painful story. I got emotional while reading this. I wish that everybody become like the protagonist in the story and his parents, and then we shall find everybody happy in this world, may be the rag picker boy in your locality will become your best friend by your act of kindness, after all who sees rags and riches in friendship. I rate this story 5/5.

  • Friends Forever, by Elora Rath.

Perhaps everybody out there still remembers vividly about the last day of their college lives, the emotional statuses and the pranks that we have pulled. This story shall take you in a flashback. I rate it 5/5 for making me remember those late night parties and talks that had no head and tail.

  • The 3 Sevens, by Nikita Tak.

An unusual and new plot, a story within a story, the author’s imagination is incredible. The whole theme is fresh, but I feel the author could have done much much better with the theme. Keep writing. I rate this 4/5.

  • I’LL always be there for you, by Anisha Mohata.

This is a feel-good story. At catastrophic conditions none other than a friend is the only person who can calm down the rising tides inside your heart. As said in 3 idiots, a friend comes up places his/her hand on your heart and calms it down by saying, AAL IS WELL!! I rate this story a 5/5.

  • Homework, by Anirban Nanda.

Today’s world is a rat race. But what do kids know, they have a clear heart and are ready to be molded into any shape, so elders need to be careful while saying things to their kids. It is an eye-opener for all parents. But happily, in the end competition is the loser and Friendship is the winner. I rate this 5/5.

  • Weeds of Hampi, by Mahesh Sowani.

The plot of the story is intriguing and subtle. A completely out of the box thinking. What I loved the most is the command of the author on the places which has been mentioned in the story. I rate it 5/5

  • SOUL-MATES, by Tapobrata Kumar.

The twist was good, this is a warm story, and the last excerpt won my heart. You won’t be able to decide whether to smile or to cry at the end. Wonderful work by the author, glues you to the story. I rate this 5/5.

  • The Scarlet tint of yellow rose, by Prachi Agasti.

The story is a simple and sweet story. But I loved the way the author has told the story, especially the description of the details is magnificent, indeed a very talented writer, she shall make it big one day. I rate this 5/5 because of the description of the details.

  • The Deafening Silence, by Prachi Sharma.

The best thing about this story is the twist at the tale. As you will be reading through, you will be enjoying the conversation between the friends and in the end comes the twist. I loved the story telling. Incredible job by the author in the story telling part and so I rate it 5/5.

  • Khushi-A divine soul, by Kajal N Lalwani.

This is another very sweet story about friendship and its unconditional love and care. It is a feel good story. The author could have been better in her story telling, yet I rate it 5/5 because of the feel it gave and the sweet little girl’s character.

  • True Love saga, by Nidhi.

It is a simple story about love and sacrifice and with a message that friendship comes first and not love. The story can be related to everyday life and perhaps many of us have experienced such an incident once in our life. The author could have done better. The flow could have been better. I rate it 4/5.

  • The elixir of friendship, by Akash Srivastav & Adyasha Panda.

The story is funny, college based love-friendship drama. I loved the poem daydreaming…. As I read through, the plot had resemblance with a particular Bollywood movie. The authors could have worked a bit more to make the flow and storytelling better. I rate this story 4/5.

  • Friendship is the cure of everything, by Kalyani Yadav.

It is a sweet story, with a sweet ending. I think the author needs to improve in the writing part i.e. conveying the imagination on the sheet could have been better; it was a bit complex to get the theme. I rate this 4/5.

  • Sherlock & Watson, by Rishabh Patel.

This is an incredible story, wonderfully written and a sweet little theme that will melt your heart. This story of friendship of a normal and a mentally retarded person is beautiful. I rate this 5/5.

  • A visit of the dead, by Abhipsa Mohanty.

As the name suggests it is a story that may give you goose bumps at certain portions. The whole theme was excellent, but I guess the ending could have been a bit better. At some portions the story is clumsy, yet the plot being excellent I rate it 4.5/5.

  • Two little Sparrows, by RounakBhowmick Roy Chowdhury.

First of all applauds and congratulations to the writer that at such a young age he has come up with a beautiful imagination, and as his mind shall develop I am sure his vision of imagination shall increase. The story is a simple and beautiful story. Yet the storytelling could have been better, the flow of the story could have been better. I rate it 4.5/5.

  • Friends for life, by Debasish Mishra.

The author has done an excellent work with a very simple and day to day plot. I am in love with his writing, he is definitely going to achieve acme in the field of writing very soon. His storytelling and the excerpts are commendable. I loved this story not because of the plot but because of the writing style of the author. I rate it 5/5.

The top five.

  1. The colors of Tesu, by Subham Sinha.
  2. Camaraderie, by Anmol Singh & Sanjana Radhakrishnan.
  3. Sherlock & Watson, by Rishabh Patel.
  4. Friends for life, by Debashish Mishra.
  5. The scarlet tint of yellow rose, by Prachi Agasti.


         Rating of Book Features:

         Book Cover: 5/5

         Editing: 5/5

         Compiling: 4.5/5

          Writing style: 4.5/5

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