Shades of life is a collection of 38 colorful chapters by 38 colorful authors/poets. Edited by the prolific and talented Saravana Kumar Murugan and published by Shades Publication Shades of Life is a perfect blend of human emotions and it’s colors. This post shall review the stories and poems in it.

Today I shall review The Last Dream, A Handful of bliss, He who Loved Her and Ameenah: a tale of myriad colors.

So lets get started !!

The Last Dream by Jasmit Singh

last dream

About the Author

He is just 19 years old and is pursuing in Computer Science. He hails from Jalandhar. His favorite book is Divergent.

The Review

The author writes a story that deals with a sudden loss that leaves a child and her father alone. Now it is up to the father to tackle with the ordeal and simultaneously groom her child. The author starts quite beautifully, but is a bit sloppy in the middle and then the story picks up with a twist as it ends. I believe the speech at the end could have been more emotional to leave the reader ponder about the story. As far as quality of writing is considered I would like to ignore certain minor glitches as the writer is very young and as he evolves he is definitely going to weave magic with his words and storytelling.

The Rating

I rate the story a 4/5

A handful of bliss by Satyananda Sarangi

a handfull of bliss

About the Poet

Satyananda Sarangi is a graduate in Electrical Engineering from the prestigious IGIT Saranga, Odisha. He is an emerging poet and writer.

My favorite pick up lines

Ruined I was, ruined to the hilt,

I struck back in a fiery sense,

Born again from by burning ashes,

To win  my lost reverence…

The Review

The poet has told an inspiring story with this beautiful piece of imagination. I loved the poem till it ended and I wanted it to continue, so far I have read I select this as my favorite poem. If you are low and going nowhere read this and rise from your dilapidated world.  Kudos !! 

The Rating

I rate this inspiring poem a 5/5

He who loved her by Maliny Mohan

he who loved her

About the Author

Maliny Mohan was born and brought up in Kerela. She is a doctor who resorts to appeasing her passion to write during her leisure times. 

The Excerpt

“The darkest cloud had a silver lining. You can either miss it as you run away to a hiding place as darkness approaches you or you can go seeking it, empowered with the ardent desire to find happiness in life.”

The Review

This is a sweet love story, of a lonely orphan teenager. The predicament he is in is perfectly described by the author. It is amazing how smoothly the author has described a rather difficult plot without missing the details. She is indeed a very talented writer and this story can be a witness of it. As the story carried on, it shall never bore a reader. Two questions in the mind of a reader shall continue through out the story: Shall he post the letter? and Who is this beautiful girl? Its amazing as the story ends and the twist gets revealed. Indeed the author has done a wonderful job.

The Rating

I rate this story 5/5

Ameenah: A tale of myriad colors by Sulaimant Sait


About the author

Sulaimant Sait is a clinical pharmacology and pharmacotherapy research scholar from Chennai. He is an avid dreamer and an enthusiast who seeks peace through reading and writing. 

The review

As I started to read today’s part I was very much happy as the stories and poems turned out. But this one disappointed me at the end. The author has tried hard to tell a hard hitting story of a woman and his plight with domestic violence and female feticide as the theme, no doubt it is a very sensitive topic and one should write about it to aware people to heal broken souls, but this could not strike the chords. The writer needs to improve a lot and I hope he will as he writes more and more.

Lastly I belong to Pharmacy background, so i insist readers if at all you get such a case of pregnancy do not give the patient random medicines or pain killers to ease the pain, do not do it if you are a pharmacist or a nurse yourself and you have gained knowledge, consult a doctor at first and then be guided accordingly.  

The Rating

I rate this story which i believe could have been much much better a 3/5

That’s all for the day !! Thank you!!