Shades of life is a collection of 38 colorful chapters by 38 colorful authors/poets. Edited by the prolific and talented Saravana Kumar Murugan and published by Shades Publication Shades of Life is a perfect blend of human emotions and it’s colors. This post shall review the stories and poems in it.

Today I shall review Life is worth waiting for, Humors of the nemeses, Rainbow: An ode to colorful life, sometimes black, sometimes white

So lets get started !!

Life is worth waiting for, by Shruti Mall

life is worth

About the author

Shruti Mall, born and bought up in Lucknow. She belongs to a commerce background and recently have fallen in love with writing. She works as a school teacher.

The Review

Genuinely writing, I was disappointed, a lot !! The story was happening rather too fast and characters have been unnecessarily created by the author. The love story is too feeble to last. This world and the people in it are much more  matured than what it is portrayed by the author. One night’s chat on facebook and people go on kissing and proposing one another is not at all a realistic imagination.  Why is it that girls have to depend on boy’s to get out of a break-up situation? well perhaps they don’t but the same has been portrayed. A 10 days relationship of the girl with Atharv was an useless sequence or an add-on to conclude the story. How can one write a letter about a 10 days relationship and not write anything about a month long relationship, and that being her first love. Writing has to improve a lot, plot has to improve even more. Disappointed !! 

The Rating

I rate it 2.5/5

Humors of the Nemeses, by Vishal Bagaria


About the author

Vishal Bagaria was born and brought up in Kolkata, he is a post graduate in management and a self- proclaimed lover of drama.

The Excerpt

…It means people change colors. Colors represent behaviors… behaviors that people mold according to their personalities and more importantly, in response to the situations they are thrown in. Hence, the comparison to a chameleon…but then again, the beast simply tries to protect itself from any imminent attack…”

The Review

The start of today’s review was not so good. So as I saw this story, I was like,” this must be a 20 page boring work with a fancy name” I was so wrong and I feel ashamed to think so. The author have weaved a delightful story with his magical wand, a keyboard/pen. Right from the start till the end, the story has a gripping effect narrated with such class. The writing style is like that of classic English novels. The storytelling spot on, as it never bores you and makes you speculate only to startle you for your speculation. The end links the theme of the book colors so artistically that it will definitely make you applaud for this talented writer. This for me is a masterpiece crafted by a master writer. Thank you Vishal !! 

The Rating

I rate this masterpiece a 5/5.

Rainbow: An ode to colorful life, by Rishab Pandey


About the poet

Rishab Pandey is a student of English Literature. He loves cooking and singing. He is hails from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.

The Review

The poem takes rainbow as an allusion and describes life from it. It is a small yet sweet poem. Since personally I do not like rhyme in every para of a poem I insist avoidance of rhyme could have made the poem more inspirational and mature.

The Rating

I rate i a 3.5/5

Sometimes black, sometimes white by Leena Walawalkar


About the author

Leena is a chartered accountant by profession and a writer by passion. After a long hiatus, she has started again with an unstoppable spirit.

The Review

Sometimes black and sometimes white is a story that is happening every day at many places in India. Taking advantage of wealth and helplessness, the rich exploit the poor and they become so blind that they forget the threshold, because beyond that even a mendicant becomes intolerant. The story started beautifully, I thought the plot had more potential. than it has been written by the author. The ending could have been better, such that the readers would have been taken aback. The predictability of the story was on the higher side, which may lessen the interest of a reader.

The Rating

I rate it a 4/5

Coming up next: The balloon seller, hues of life and Dark Pages of my diary. Till then Keep Reading & Keep connecting. Thank you !!